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HISTORY - DeckChair Learning Systems Inc. is a unique Ontario corporation founded by pioneers in computer-supported learning to commercialize advances in teaching and assessment techniques developed at The University of Toronto. Their past commercial success includes developing a software program for Cengage Learning that has been a top-seller for over a decade. With the assistance of the University's Innovations and Partnership Office the new DeckChairTutor© software was spun out as a commercial product and DeckChair opened its doors in 2007.


DeckChair is different than all e-learning services on the market today. Our lab-tested technology enables educators to deliver better web experiences by creating adaptive, performance based learning environments that tailor content to each individual's personal progress. The system helps students learn on their own and at their own pace.


The Inventors


Jeff Graham

Dr Jeff

Dr. Jeff Graham is a cognitive psychologist with a background in neural network models of memory. He is an Associate Professor, Teaching Stream at the University of Toronto Mississauga responsible for the computer component of introductory psychology teaching approximately 1500 students per year.





Allan Sura


Al Sura




Allan Sura is a web developer, creative director and instructional designer. He studied developmental psychology at Western University and is now focused on developing online instructional tools and delivering learning content over the web.







The DeckChairTutor system has been endorsed by the past President of the University of Toronto, Seneca College, The Ontario Hockey League, and the Canadian School of Hockey Officiating. DeckChair is supported by MaRS (Ontario’s leading-edge commercialization facility) and IPO (The Innovations and Partnership Office at University of Toronto) and has twice been awarded funds by the Ontario Centres of Excellence.


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