Our Adaptive Learning Method begins with organizing all teaching and training materials into a convenient learning hierarchy. This is achieved by defining content areas that would coincide with the structure of your existing learning materials such as:


  • Text books
  • Rule books
  • Manuals
  • Or any other body of content


Example Taxonomy Setup

Question bank structure image





Adaptive Learning Pathways are then created by defining and implementing;

  • mastery criteria that triggers advancement (speed and accuracy benchmarks)
  • maintenance criteria (automatic scheduled practice of known facts)
  • quick release criteria (advances students when performance predicts success)



The DeckChair Team assists with all parts of your content uploading and organization.


Once your learning materials have been set up in the system DeckChair automatically advances any student through the content at their own pace by:


  • tracking performance with detailed user profiles by using proprietary FLUENCY analytics
  • guiding students through their assignments in a time-efficient fashion
  • providing automatic guided feedback and tutor assistance as required


The only effort necessary to continue running your adaptive courses is to invite new learners as required.


The DeckChairTutor system does the rest!


For a complete discussion of our patented, innovative learning method you can access our WhitePaper by clicking HERE.  (USPTO #s: 8506305 B2, 8851900 B2)